Corporate: T-shirt specially designed to Productivity Challenge Winner of IT Company.

The Productivity Challenge winner will wear T-Shirt designed by Alex D'Paula.

The brief was very simple and straight forward: Alex had to design a comfortable, black, v-neck t-shirt for the IT advisors and their Team Lead of "The Liongs Detroit" (Yes! It does have a "G" in there). 

Alex came up with the concept of mixing elements of vintage football jerseys, sportswear, and its spirit of cooperation, leadership and team effort to design his jersey. 
So, he presented not only the design of the T-Shirt but also the design of the logo that represents the team's name, application and materials. 

See below the results:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

* The IT Company's logo and visual identity were removed to preserve our privacy policy. 

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