Bespoke Fashion - Valeria Aggiato

Valeria Aggiato, Italian, strong character with a personality larger than life. When she came to the atelier, she knew exactly what she wanted. 

Coming from an eventful family and brought up by a mother that knew how to sew and has always made her clothes, Valeria has interest and curiosity about fashion, finishes and materials. More, she is bold! She is aware of what works for her but remains open-minded to try new things and have fun with it.

Oh, boy! And we had fun... Lots of it! It was a great pleasure for me to work with this incredible sweet heart to design, make and deliver her perfect bespoke dress. 

This dress was designed to translate her personality and attitude: Silk, satin, structure and fluidness. All-in-one! Curves and volume softened by the lightness of the silk. Add the perfect colour and voila! 


Pattern Drafting and First Fitting: Sample


Second Fitting - Adjustments

Final Fitting 

My mom used to sew clothes for me until I was a teenager and I hated it, blinded by the trends and the brands that my friends were wearing. Growing up I changed my mind about that and I got to learn that a bespoke dress is a precious addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Alex was everything I wished for: professional, friendly and passionate! I’m so happy I had the chance to meet him and to rely on his experience!
— Valeria Aggiato

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