Make Me Tailor

The world changes, fashion changes, we change and, I, have changed...

“Make me Tailor” is a collection that expresses my transition, my change into a matured and more complete designer and human being.

My work has always been an expression of my feelings and sentiment in relation to the world as a whole or to one or more individuals. That is something that will always remain while my aesthetic develops into something else.

The word “tailor” (in this collection) surpasses the idea of a professional that makes clothes to fit individual customers with unique and antique skill sets. Instead, it brings the idea of adaptability: tailor myself and others to an entire new life, country, experience and a whole new me.

These pieces are adaptable, versatile, detachable. You can tie it up, release, reverse, combine, layer, add or remove.

The exclusive print imbued into embroidery was created mixing elements of the Tailoring with the natural course of nature that births and dies, represented by delicate roses and the sense of beauty and freedom that comes from death.

Special accessories developed in wood show the resistance and durability of the human essence that remains while everything around transforms.

Wool, Cotton, Silk Organza and horsehair canvas are the materials chosen to bring this collection to life.

The colour palette was extracted from the old tailoring books that travelled through the times and aged with it.

Make me a tailor, make me adapt, let me change...