The Young Martyr - Paul Delaroche (1855)

Capsule collection inspired by the painting "La Juene Martyre" (Paul Delaroche - 1855), evokes the sentiment of freedom through death. Freedom in water, floating, submerged, compassion and understanding.

Materials: Linen, Clear Vinyl, Cotton and Silk Rope,  Silk Top thread for details.

Delaroche mainly wanted to highlight the faith and the religious persecution at that time, in which people were being executed and attacked for being Christians.
This angelical woman, modeled by his wife, drowned at the hands of a unforgiving man and will live forever as a Saint in Christ's heaven.  

I will always remember the first time I've seen this painting in the Louvre. I was invaded by its melancholy and nostalgia. It left me speechless with such a strong, yet delicate message.

In this project I mixed army garment influences with modern and delicate materials and shapes.

The embroidery emulates the accumulation of a minimalist version of a seaweed in certain areas of the fabric, mixed with pearls and dazzling beads.

All sketches suggest floatation, as if she is lost under the water.

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