Corporate Uniform: Irish bookmarker and betting services


PaddyPower is Ireland’s biggest, most successful, security conscious and innovative bookmaker.

The PaddyPower new uniform was created to reflect the commitment to innovation with a pinch of their unmistakable tongue-in-cheek approach. Playfulness and practicality are the keywords that inspired the development of 5 options to the light shell jacket to be incorporated to the uniform, transitioning to a modern day-to-day wear.

Elements of causality were mixed and tailored to an easy yet not boring fashion. The curves extracted from the PaddyPower’s visual identity are represented in the jackets by the detailed seams with organic movement evoking PP’s innovative and restless spirit.

The uniform aspect of this selection remain prominent and re-enforces PP’s identity by having the “green dot” embracing every piece alongside with the badge holder. Utility pockets were also incorporated for functionality.

The colours are the iconic PaddyPower green used in cheeky (unexpected) details and stitches while the navy blue base brings a neutral harmonic contrast to the pieces.

Light shell jacket

Shirt / Blouse

Shirt/Blouse sample

Shirt/Blouse sample

Placket detail

Placket detail


This project was developed in partnership with Liam Kelly's Par72