Telecommunication Corporate Uniform

                                 *video conceded by Vodafone Ireland. All rights reserved to Alex D'Paula.

This is the original project submitted in the Vodafone Uniform Design competition uniform in June 2014. Since the uniforms are already release across 350 stores in Ireland, I can finally share my creative process and final product with you! 

                                                                         *Click in the image above to read the Vodafone release.


As part of the process of delivering a project this big, in order to make sure all specifications are correct, spec sheets are delivered with the final sketches, so designer, manufacturer and corporation, are in the same page at all times. Below you will be able to see the technical drawings and "Kits" developed to each category, Male and Female Main Staff and Managers. 

AlexDPaula's Vodafone Spec Sheets

Male Main Staff and Manager

                                                                        *Hierarchy defined by colour change.

Female Main Staff


Female Manager


Uniform projects consume a lot of time between development, sampling, production and delivery, however, we are delighted to see, after over a year,  this one finally out in stores.

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